Students are often surprised that they can have fun while getting a tough workout. We are proud that we can provide one of the few activities for whole families to participate in togetherKarate fundamentals based on shotokan and goju ryu styles will train you in basic techniques, advanced techniques, kata, bunkai (practical applications) and kumite (non-contact sparring). Also covered are introductory jujitsu techniques including break falls, basic throws and basic locks

Students are encouraged to arrive at their class 15 minutes early to warm up before training begins

Seek perfection of character

Endeavor to excel

Respect others, respect yourself

Refrain from violent behaviours


Classes are held two days per week during school term and break over the school holidays as detailed in the club calendar. Each senior instructor has at least 15 years martial arts experience, have achieved at least Nidan (2nd) level black belt.

Instructors are required to have a valid senior first aid certificate and a valid police clearance.

West Beach dojo has two classes held each Monday and Thursday. Located at the West Beach Primary school, 3 Woodhead street, West Beach.

Senior Instructors

Shihan Tracy  graded with the International Budo Federation to Godan (5th level black belt) in March 2008. With over 20 years karate experience which was mostly spent in karate training with the Go Kan Ryu karate club. Tracy also helped setup Yu Ki Do and was the elected secretary of the Australian Martial Arts Association (AMAA) from 2003 to 2005. She has also trained with Aiki Budo.

Sensei Damien graded to Sandan in December 2007 and has over 20 years martial arts experience. Most of this (over 10 years) was karate training with the Go Kan Ryu karate club. He then helped to setup a smaller karate club - Yu Ki Do before creating Chikara Budo with Tracy sensei. Damien has also trained with Aiki Budo and been a committee member of the AMAA.